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Dear Friends,
When we decided to found Turkuaz Engineering, our aim was to create a company focused on engineering, on a constant look out for the optimum solution, tailored to the needs of the customer.
​We were few people when we started in the year 1995. But today, we constitute a group, in which works of more than 200 people combine. The reliance that people feel for us in every business we have undertaken will continue to be our biggest capital from now on.
Our main objective, Which we expressed at the beginning of the work and which we deem beneficial to repeat frequently, is to grow and continue our business with confidence by maintaining our reliability before individuals and firms, whose works we carry out, who carry out works for us and with whom we make cooperation. ​
Taking this opportunity, we hereby thank all our members for their efforts and those who trusted and supported us.
Yours sincerely,

Founding Partner

Trakya University Faculty of Engineering


General Manager

Trakya University Faculty of Engineering

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