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Customer Satisfaction
During the projects carried out, Turkuaz Engineering is obliged to eliminate the slightest factor that would threaten the safety of employees, third parties, machinery, equipment and the environment, and thus minimize the risks of possible WHS (Worker Health and Safety).
In line with this, it ensures that the following principles are applied without compromise;
Article 1: Customer is our most important asset.
Article 2: The customer is the person who is likely to earn or lose a new Client.
Article 3: The customer is the person who needs to be cared for by identifying his / her needs.
Article 4: The customer is the person to be satisfied at all times after selling the product or service.
Article 5: Customer Satisfaction is essential to make a difference, to stand in front of competitors, to grow and profit.
Article 6: All Turkuaz employees, Customer Satisfaction to create and customers "Turkuaz think and do for me. I feel safe with Turkuaz. Turkuaz and I do it." is obliged to provide.
Article 7: All Customers are "Turkuaz's Customers". The quality of the service to be offered to customers cannot be compromised on the grounds that it is the Customer of another institution, company or brand.
Article 8: Informing the customer in a timely manner and fulfilling the promises made is the first condition of customer satisfaction.
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