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Our vision is to design and realize projects that will enrich the quality of human life and that will contribute to the healthy growth of the industries we operate in.
To provide the highest quality, technology, comfort and safety for our customers by utilizing, developing and implementing the latest cost effective, efficient and environment friendly systems
Our Reliability
Our reliability lays in our quality focused approach from the beginning to the end. We believe in the importance of fast and quality service. The professional and meticulous approach that we have from the beginning till the end, creates a perception and confidence of… If TURKUAZ did it must be right..
We create value by entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership. While realizing our projects we focus on innovations that will add a value to life and to our country. We make a difference with our enthusiasm and hard work.
Team Cooperation
We work in cooperation and always sustain our dynamic structure. We complete on time every job that we start. As a team we feel the responsibility of being a part of a dynamic team and share the joy of success.

Respect for Humanity and Nature
We give particular importance to humanity and nature. We show respect to our employees, customers, and partners, to the national and moral values of our country and of the countries where we make business. We act in conscious of social responsibility and for our world’s future we accept as an indispensable value, the respect for nature.
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