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Welcome to Turkuaz Engineering Human Resources page ​

Our Human Resources Mission
"To be a company in the Turkish Engineering and Construction sector that is preferred and desired as a place of business."

Our Human Resources Vision
  • To formulate Human Resources policies and practices that help the company achieve its goals.

  • To employ, through an effective recruitment process, new people capable of enhancing the company's assets.  

  • To build a results-oriented organization capable of making rapid decisions and to create a highly competent workforce that can support it at every level. 

  • To implement a competitive and correct wage and fringe benefits policy. 

  • To support the success and continued development of our employees through an objective-focused management model, thereby contributing to the attainment of targets and goals at our company. 

  • To enhance our competitiveness and train the leaders of the future through effective human resources planning. 

  • To raise the satisfaction of employees and their commitment to the company. 

  • To identify company goals, and commensurate needs, and to take the actions required for career development planning.

  • To develop internal communication supporting the matrix organization structure. 

The priority aim of Turkuaz  Human Resources is to carry the company into a future and support the implementation of corporate strategy. Human Resources, which will enable the achievement of the strategic priority of "Sustainable Growth and Leadership" and "Being a Global Player," has established the following priorities.

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